MPC Kinetic Case Study – Credits Received = $1.4 million

“We can now stop the number of hours we’ve spent in the past sorting the Telstra accounts”

“MPC Kinetic provides essential upstream services to the oil gas and renewable sector, playing key roles in Australia’s largest resource developments, like the Tamworth water pipeline in NSW. I manage the IT department for MPC Kinetic, and I think we’ve been experiencing Telstra account issues since dinosaurs were around. Since our company was founded, we have had billing issues. And it was no different in my previous roles. Telstra’s delivery of services is fine, but the billing is a nightmare to deal with, and a nightmare to resolve.

A colleague referred me to Kevin Jensen at Jensen IPA. I called Kevin in for a chat, decided to take a leap of faith and to see how he went. Our company accounts were a bit complicated as we have had consolidation of companies, mergers and acquisitions. Kevin pulled the accounts apart to see where we were, and our next steps will be resolving that.

Kevin analysed accounts going back a fair while. I can see that we can now stop the number of hours we’ve spent in the past sorting the Telstra accounts rubbish – any credits gained will be a bonus. Just as an indication, last financial year, we received $1.4 million in credits.

Having the integral knowledge in how the Telstra billing departments work is invaluable, Kevin can see what we can’t see, he can glue it together, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. It looks like Kevin will have achieved 6 months of consolidated accounts, I am very happy with that !”

MPC Kinetic – Brian Carroll, Group Manager IS&T.

Volvo Group Case Study -“We found huge savings”. Credits Received = $120,000

“Basically we have had issues with our Telstra billing. It was never in a format we needed as it did not reflect call centre information or use our common references. We had an initial discussion with Kevin, and he came back with exactly what we needed. He returned with a convenient report, which saved a lot of my time. Typically I used to spend a couple of hours analysing and converting it to a cost structure format we could use, so this made my job a lot easier. “

“Next, we had Kevin audit our monthly charged services. He said that given the authority, he could go through the reports and help us Within a couple of days, he came back with suggestions of possible errors that he had identified already backdated a few years. This was really a good finding, so we started working with the IT teams to get approvals for credits.

We started working together. Some of our findings were not what we expected. We found huge savings – $120,000, and I put this as a project for my IT department. Kevin Jensen really knows the Telstra system and knows what he is doing.

“Jensen IPA’s in-depth knowledge of Telstra billing and ability to analyse data resulted in not only some savings for us but a transfer of skill to me “

Hineesh Kg – Network Engineer – Volvo Group

Errors are common with Telstra and others internet and phone providers. How does it affect your business costs?

Telstra mistakes seem to be increasingly common on bills in 2019. This relates to the complexity of their systems and processes. With such a large company the individual orders and requests can get lost,  and not always accurately reflected when the billing is issued. Knowing why, where and how these errors occur is vital to providing an accurate bill that reflects your services. Our company provide years of experience in understanding Telstra billing.  We are dedicated to helping you get the best possible outcome when reviewing your service and charges. .

Why Are Telstra mistakes common?

Telstra is the largest telecommunications provider in Australia, and with that, managing the entire country’s needs also result in a large complex business with multiple computer systems.  Unfortunately the complex number of systems, products  and processes has resulted in a huge number of opportunities where errors may occur.

For business users, the billing can be a nightmare to unravel and decipher.  The product names, charges and discounts offered are hard to understand.  However the good thing is there is help available.

How do mistakes affect your bill?

Although Telstra is aware that mistakes do occur, it is up to you as the owner or worker in the business to find those errors and advise them.  This can be extremely difficult when you don’t know where to begin.

If you think about it, a charging mistake for a few hundred dollars on just one item,   could be costing you thousands annually. Then, if there are two or more errors on your bill, it may be costing you thousands needlessly.

You also need time to lodge the dispute via phone or email and be precise and clear on what product and service is disputed and why you think there is an error.  You don’t always get a lot of help to work this out. This is why you need a dedicated specialist to interpret the bills, find possible errors and assist in reclaiming the thousands that you may be owed.  We assist you to file a dispute or complaint and then work with Telstra to recover the thousands you may be owed. .

Telstra Charging: What to make of It?

Since bills are automated using complex processes and systems, charging inaccuracies can and do occur. The challenge is knowing where to find these anomalies and how to how to then claim these back.

Due to the sheer number of services and products on a Telstra bill, it can  be really hard to keep track of potential errors or mistakes as they occur.  .

Therefore, it is important to submit claims every time you notice something is wrong with Telstra charging and billing. Always seek to request a reimbursement if you feel you have been overcharged. .

How can Jensen IPA help you?

Jensen IPA provides expert consultation to review the services and costs that you are paying Telstra. We then provide a complete bills audit dating as far back as 24 months to find issues on your bills. Plus, we help configure your bills for future payments to assist the business stay on track and on budget. Using the Telstra (t-analyst) software, we produce reports and information for the business to make sure that future bills will match your or your company’s actual usage.

Credits are usually considerable, although it may take time to file and receive claims. We follow up on Credits on your behalf. On top of that, we typically obtain a significant credit on unused or overcharged services and then continue to monitor monthly for best results, helping you save hundreds if not thousands on future invoices.

Contact us to discuss possible Telstra claims for your business.

Small things DO matter – Education Provider on the Gold Coast saves over $9,000 pa

A National Education Provider on the Gold Coast saves over $9,000 pa on multiple little charges.

Sometimes telecommunication bills are so large and complex, you just don’t know where to start. Recently, Jensen IPA received a
call to assist the IT manager of a large childcare provider with over 500 sites. They had previously engaged their provider (Telstra)
with several disputes. These had taken several months to work through and finalise. They did receive a substantial credit. However,
they were still unsure that everything was fine.

The Challenge

The Education Provider required assistance to navigate through some changes they were making to their telecommunications
services and network. As we sorted out current and past issues, we noticed some small fee charges applied on some services for an
old product no longer necessary. Although this was only a $6 monthly fee, we found there were over 130 services that had this
charge. That equates to over $780 per month in unnecessary fee charges.


We immediately cancelled  product charges saving the company $9360 in annual expenditure. It really does count to check
the details, with professional help.

“If you need help with your Telstra bill, or even if you think you don’t, Kevin is the one to speak to.”

“We recently had Kevin ( Jensen IPA) review over 6 months worth of Telstra bills. We are an ASX 200 company and our bills are
huge, over 1000 lines of data. His in-depth knowledge of Telstra billing and ability to analyse data resulted in not only some savings
for us, but a transfer of skill to me. Kevin is highly approachable, and customer-focused. If you need help with your Telstra bill, or
even if you think you don’t, Kevin is the one to speak to.

Adam Lorde , Network Manager, G8 Education 


Reclaim Overcharged Telecom Expenditure

How a Law firm on the Gold Coast was able to reclaim $18,000 in overcharged expenditure.

Recently, Jensen IPA was contacted by a partner of a small law firm, who felt they were not being charged correct pricing for their services. Not knowing where to start they engaged our services. After our initial discussion, we had found several promised data service upgrades had not been delivered months after the contract signing. The Data project had several errors and consequently promised data services had not been delivered at all.


How do you navigate a complex Telecommunications bill? Many firms are unsure how to read and understand their telecommunications bills. Like many other companies, Woods Hatcher had trouble understanding how to track progress on their project. Not just the technical issues, but also how the changes made would affect the billing. In fact, the month by month billing and charging had been affected by delays and complications in the Data project. Expected savings from these new services was not flowing through to the accounts. Jensen IPA were able to highlight the service orders that needed completion and the cancellation of old services. After some time, new data services were connected and charging appearing on the bills, many more than 6 months after signing their contracts. All of this meant that the firm had lost at least 6 months’ worth of expected savings from the new contract.


After some negotiations with their provider, the company were able to reclaim over $18, 000 in overcharged expenditure due to the delays in their order processing.

“Jensen IPA did a great job in identifying inaccuracies and incorrect charges, then liaised with Telstra on our behalf and was able to achieve a significant credit, which we have now received. Dealing with Telstra can be extremely frustrating, thankfully, Kevin’s experience in the industry proved very valuable.” Tom Hatcher, Solicitor, Woods Hatcher Solicitors, Isle of Capri. There is real value in regularly checking products and services are charged as quoted and provided in a timely manner

COVID-19 assistance with Telstra Business account reconciliation

COVID-19 assistance with Telstra Business account reconciliation

As businesses move to work from home, close branches and reduced staff situations, it will be difficult to keep track of changed and reduced telecommunication accounts.

Cancellations may be a low priority now, especially with complex data services. For you to track credits for 3 or 6 months of reduced services, it will be even more frustrating than usual.

You can save money – and save time – by tracking your credits and changes. Please allow JENSEN IPA to help with their expertise and knowledge of channels, jargon and processes.

With the current COVID19 environment, with some off-shore call centres impacted, you may experience more than your usual level of frustration with checking business services and accounts.

JENSEN IPA has the ability to check and audit your Telstra accounts. You could sit in a 2-hour phone queue – OR you could call JENSEN IPA, on the Gold Coast, with 33 years’ experience in Telstra billing for large companies and corporations.

We have saved our clients on average $30,000 through our audit process.

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Reducing Costs by Reviewing Your Business Internet And Phone Expenses.

Who isn’t concerned about our current state of affairs? Companies across the nation will be impacted by this crisis. Are there ways we can save money right here and now.

When was the last time you reviewed your telecommunications expenses?

Are you confident in paying these each month? Is there a way to navigate through these regular expenses to save money? How do you unravel the complexity?

Jensen IPA has 33 years’ experience in Telstra billing for large companies and corporations. We know how to find thousands in annual savings by completing a comprehensive audit.

We have saved our clients on average $30,000 through our audit process.
Now is the time to extract real value by having an audit and assessment completed.

Contact us by phone  or email [email protected]

Reclaiming Phone and Internet Bills Overcharge Expenses

Telstra is one of the leading communication providers in Australia. Yet many of their  business clients don’t understand their Telstra bills and charges. Telstra has created a complex billing system which may cause a headache for businesses to navigate.

What is the most effective way to understand extra costs and services charged? Let Jensen IPA work with you to unravel the mystery  and possibly save you thousands in annual costs.

Two Months of Billing into One

Some Telstra customers may be surprised by receiving a bill for two months or one and a half months to line up with the specified billing cycle and the date when the subscription was started. Therefore, the charged amount is higher than what most customers expect for the first month.

Being Charged for Services never applied for..

Some customers receive unusual Telstra bills in a variety of situations. Some may have a few dollars of extra charges, while some (mostly large companies) could get charged thousands for products or services that they have not applied for.

Due to the complexity of the Telstra systems, mistakes in charging can and do occur.  Sometimes discounts are missed, services not cancelled or duplicate charging may occur.

Being Overcharged for Services

It’s one thing to pay just a few dollars more but often companies can be overcharged thousands in annual fees and charges.  Do you know know how to find these possible overcharges?  Complicated billing leads to issues. Don’t get angry or frustrated in dealing with these issues.  Call on a professional with years of experience to assist you.

Noticing Small but repeated charges

Some customers have been charged small amounts for products and services that they may not be using.We recently found a company paying for a redundant product of just $6 a month.  However they had over 120 lines charged for this service that was not necessary. Our audited saved them over $800 per month or $9600 annually.

Although $6 may be inconsequential to some, the overall cost of having these extra charges stay on your bills unaddressed can lead to paying a large amount of money over time. This is especially true for larger companies.

How do we save you money on Telstra Accounts?

Jensen IPA helps identify these problems on your bills. But we don’t just stop there. We figure out the problem and help you find solutions so that your future bills will be as accurate as possible. We are simply a call away at 0409 481 508.

Jensen IPA Accountants workshop Telstra billing issues

Last month, Jensen IP Analysis presented to the Brisbane Northside Accountants Discussion Group. The interaction was lively and illustrated the issues some of the practices were having in interpreting or resolving their clients Telstra accounts.

Some requested an audit of some services and others were interested in a 5G tour at the 5G exchange in Southport. They run 5G tours there on Tuesday at 10am; 12noon; Wednesday 10am 12noon; Thursday 9am;11am & 2pm. The tour goes for about 2 hours. The tour gives an excellent insight to new emerging technologies and opportunities for accountants and their clients.

This maybe of benefit for small business in the telecommunications fields to get a better understanding of 5G impacts.

Jensen IP Analysis are happy to present a one hour informational workshop to other accounting professionals.

You’re a new Retail Tenant ?

SO, YOU’RE A NEW RETAIL tenant? Congratulations !

Shortly, you’ll be receiving your first TELSTRA Account .
It will reflect new connection fees, and a myriad of other costs and services which even to most Telstra accounts staff is almost incomprehensible. After 33 years resolving Telstra account holder issues, Jensen IPA is your fast, low-cost “account translator”.

We “decode “ and audit Telstra communication accounts to save companies tens of thousands of dollars every month on services that they don’t receive or no longer need. A call costs you nothing, but the benefits – particularly if you don’t resolve issues in the early accounts, are huge.