MPC Kinetic Case Study

“We can now stop the number of hours we’ve spent in the past sorting the Telstra accounts” “MPC Kinetic provides essential upstream services to the oil gas and renewable sector, playing key roles in Australia’s largest resource developments, like the Tamworth water pipeline in NSW. I manage the IT department for MPC Kinetic, and I … Read more

Errors are common with Telstra and others internet and phone providers. How does it affect your business costs?

Telstra mistakes seem to be increasingly common on bills in 2019. This relates to the complexity of their systems and processes. With such a large company the individual orders and requests can get lost,  and not always accurately reflected when the billing is issued. Knowing why, where and how these errors occur is vital to … Read more

Reclaim Overcharged Expenditure

How a Law firm on the Gold Coast was able to reclaim $18,000 in overcharged expenditure. Recently, Jensen IPA was contacted by a partner of a small law firm, who felt they were not being charged correct pricing for their services. Not knowing where to start they engaged our services. After our initial discussion, we … Read more

Jensen IPA Accountants workshop Telstra billing issues

Last month, Jensen IP Analysis presented to the Brisbane Northside Accountants Discussion Group. The interaction was lively and illustrated the issues some of the practices were having in interpreting or resolving their clients Telstra accounts. Some requested an audit of some services and others were interested in a 5G tour at the 5G exchange in … Read more

You’re a new Retail Tenant ?

SO, YOU’RE A NEW RETAIL tenant? Congratulations ! Shortly, you’ll be receiving your first TELSTRA Account . It will reflect new connection fees, and a myriad of other costs and services which even to most Telstra accounts staff is almost incomprehensible. After 33 years resolving Telstra account holder issues, Jensen IPA is your fast, low-cost … Read more