Jensen helps Scissorlift Co find $7000 Credits in ISDN issue

The challenge

A small company was finding the phone bill hard to work out and were sure they were being overcharged for some old services. While investigating, they realised they needed help arranging their services, cancelling old products and services, and ensuring the bills were accurate according to their needs.

Jensen IPA was brought in to check their accounts and aid them. Jensen IPA was able to quickly size up the problems and issues. It appears that there were 4 old ISDN services charged since 2019 that were never cancelled when they moved premises. 


Jensen IPA was able to gather the evidence and details needed to mount a claim for cancellations and backdated rental credits.  A claim was lodged by Jensen IPA through Telstra, resulting in the immediate cancellation of the disputed services. In addition, a credit was applied for charges billed from 2019. A total credit for over $7000 was applied to the customer account.

The professional services supplied by Jensen IPA aided this company to ensure their telecommunications bills and charges are accurate and reflect only active services that they use.

Our skills aid companies to navigate the complexities of telecommunications billing, and claw back any credits they may be entitled to. 

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Volvo Group Case Study -“We found huge savings”. Credits Received = $120,000

“Basically we have had issues with our Telstra billing. It was never in a format we needed as it did not reflect call centre information or use our common references. We had an initial discussion with Kevin, and he came back with exactly what we needed. He returned with a convenient report, which saved a lot of my time. Typically I used to spend a couple of hours analysing and converting it to a cost structure format we could use, so this made my job a lot easier. “

“Next, we had Kevin audit our monthly charged services. He said that given the authority, he could go through the reports and help us Within a couple of days, he came back with suggestions of possible errors that he had identified already backdated a few years. This was really a good finding, so we started working with the IT teams to get approvals for credits.

We started working together. Some of our findings were not what we expected. We found huge savings – $120,000, and I put this as a project for my IT department. Kevin Jensen really knows the Telstra system and knows what he is doing.

“Jensen IPA’s in-depth knowledge of Telstra billing and ability to analyse data resulted in not only some savings for us but a transfer of skill to me “

Hineesh Kg – Network Engineer – Volvo Group

Small things DO matter – Education Provider on the Gold Coast saves over $9,000 pa

A National Education Provider on the Gold Coast saves over $9,000 pa on multiple little charges.

Sometimes telecommunication bills are so large and complex, you just don’t know where to start. Recently, Jensen IPA received a
call to assist the IT manager of a large childcare provider with over 500 sites. They had previously engaged their provider (Telstra)
with several disputes. These had taken several months to work through and finalise. They did receive a substantial credit. However,
they were still unsure that everything was fine.

The Challenge

The Education Provider required assistance to navigate through some changes they were making to their telecommunications
services and network. As we sorted out current and past issues, we noticed some small fee charges applied on some services for an
old product no longer necessary. Although this was only a $6 monthly fee, we found there were over 130 services that had this
charge. That equates to over $780 per month in unnecessary fee charges.


We immediately cancelled  product charges saving the company $9360 in annual expenditure. It really does count to check
the details, with professional help.

“If you need help with your Telstra bill, or even if you think you don’t, Kevin is the one to speak to.”

“We recently had Kevin ( Jensen IPA) review over 6 months worth of Telstra bills. We are an ASX 200 company and our bills are
huge, over 1000 lines of data. His in-depth knowledge of Telstra billing and ability to analyse data resulted in not only some savings
for us, but a transfer of skill to me. Kevin is highly approachable, and customer-focused. If you need help with your Telstra bill, or
even if you think you don’t, Kevin is the one to speak to.

Adam Lorde , Network Manager, G8 Education