EOFY Budgets? We found a Gold Coast business $450K credits in Telco expenses.

As you review your EOFY Budgets, have you considered your budgets for the next financial year? Do you know a Jensen IPA client – a Gold Coast Company realised over $450,000 in dollars in credits for their Telecommunication accounts in the last 12 months?!

That’s $450,000 more to the bottom line.

Kevin Jensen, Director

How? ” No new contracts; no new services; no new carriers, simply applying regular monthly checks and fixing existing errors, mistakes and overcharges.” Read more at https://www.jensenipa.com.au/case-studies/

“This is all we do; manage the Telco bills to ensure accuracy every month and get refunds for you on past billing errors and mistakes. ” Kevin Jensen, Jensen IPA.


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There’s a hole in my Budget!

Know a business owner or principal – or even accounts or an IT team member struggling to understand LARGE UNEXPLAINED TELCO COSTS? Leaking Revenue $$$? CALL 1300 058 887 now for a Free Consultation. We have 35 years of resolving Telco account issues and credits. Our typical per customer saving is $44,000 – every month you are endlessly paying for services you don’t use or need.

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Telstra T-Connect changes in 2022 promise nothing

“The best indicator of future behaviour is past behaviour”

This now-famous quote has been attributed to psychologists, such as Albert Ellis, Walter Michel, and B.F. Skinner, to writers such as Mark Twain. So, our belief is that if a large Telco hasn’t given much help in the past with interpreting their billing data, our confidence is not high that future access or understanding will be any easier!

Telstra has recently advised the software platform T-analysis, with all the past billing tools and reports is being moved to a new platform called Telstra T-connect early in 2022. And whilst they have won a shiny new award for the change , it appears no one has thought to make the billing and charges any simpler to decipher.

What does this mean? We know this will affect existing users. We are hopeful, Telstra won’t change anything when they move things across. But, as you know, when large scale changes are made, things will fall through the cracks.

All Telstra T-analyst customers – We want you to have the heads up on this change. Do you use the existing reports and information to your advantage? We believe this is rare, or you would be able to discover the errors we constantly see with each new customer.

Ask Jensen IP Analysis to review your old data urgently, get the credits you deserve, and prepare you for the new platform. A great time to reset things and get your telco accounts into order, and save. We save Telstra clients on average of $49,903 per customer in Credits per Audit. Then, in addition, there are ongoing savings.

NBN and Telstra accounts may well be the most complex billing systems devised… Jensen IPA can make sense of it. Don’t wait though. Call 0409 481 508 NOW | [email protected] |https://www.jensenipa.com.au/ #TELCO #telstra #costreduction

Small things DO matter – Education Provider on the Gold Coast saves over $9,000 pa

A National Education Provider on the Gold Coast saves over $9,000 pa on multiple little charges.

Sometimes telecommunication bills are so large and complex, you just don’t know where to start. Recently, Jensen IPA received a
call to assist the IT manager of a large childcare provider with over 500 sites. They had previously engaged their provider (Telstra)
with several disputes. These had taken several months to work through and finalise. They did receive a substantial credit. However,
they were still unsure that everything was fine.

The Challenge

The Education Provider required assistance to navigate through some changes they were making to their telecommunications
services and network. As we sorted out current and past issues, we noticed some small fee charges applied on some services for an
old product no longer necessary. Although this was only a $6 monthly fee, we found there were over 130 services that had this
charge. That equates to over $780 per month in unnecessary fee charges.


We immediately cancelled  product charges saving the company $9360 in annual expenditure. It really does count to check
the details, with professional help.

“If you need help with your Telstra bill, or even if you think you don’t, Kevin is the one to speak to.”

“We recently had Kevin ( Jensen IPA) review over 6 months worth of Telstra bills. We are an ASX 200 company and our bills are
huge, over 1000 lines of data. His in-depth knowledge of Telstra billing and ability to analyse data resulted in not only some savings
for us, but a transfer of skill to me. Kevin is highly approachable, and customer-focused. If you need help with your Telstra bill, or
even if you think you don’t, Kevin is the one to speak to.

Adam Lorde , Network Manager, G8 Education 


Reducing Costs by Reviewing Your Business Internet And Phone Expenses.

Who isn’t concerned about our current state of affairs? Companies across the nation will be impacted by this crisis. Are there ways we can save money right here and now.

When was the last time you reviewed your telecommunications expenses?

Are you confident in paying these each month? Is there a way to navigate through these regular expenses to save money? How do you unravel the complexity?

Jensen IPA has 33 years’ experience in Telstra billing for large companies and corporations. We know how to find thousands in annual savings by completing a comprehensive audit.

We have saved our clients on average $30,000 through our audit process.
Now is the time to extract real value by having an audit and assessment completed.

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