Rental car company has an unlikely hero

A large national rental car company has an unlikely hero !

Paying for dead phone lines ?!

Jensen IPA audited over 60 x 1800 and 1300 services.  We found a significant number of services not in use.  Probably around 50% were not being used. Of these, we found around 20% of services were actually on disconnected lines.  I.e. they were paying 1300 or 1800 service fees on dead lines! The telcos don’t usually connect the dots between these extra products and standard lines, so when you cancel a standard line there is often no correlation between this and any extra service options like 1300 and 1800. 

It seems that you, the customer is responsible for maintaining the records of services and active lines.  

So we had a number of 1300 or 1800 services to cancel.  We unfortunately cannot get a refund back, as it is up to the customer to identify this issue when they cancel the service.  The telco’s claim that a 1300 0r 1800 service can be swapped at times to a different number.  This is up to each customer to manage.  If they could claim, that would mean around $5000 in rental rebates due.  

Keep good records and be aware of the connections between extra add-on services and actual network lines.  

24 years of duplicate charges !

Jenen IPA found just one service had double rental charges.  Upon investigation, this came across to Telstra in 1999.  That is almost 24 years of duplicate rental charges of $27.50pm.  This is worth around $9k in credits.  Currently, Telstra are working out exact credits and will fix this up shortly. 

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