Insights to reduce your business' telecom expenses

We understand that there are many moving parts when running a business, with many expenses to track and limited spare time. Telecommunications expenses can add up. Let us share our top tips for keeping telecommunication bills down.


ISDN is Dying – Businesses need to switch from old telecom technology.

What does this mean? If you have not made the changes to NBN by May 2022 your ISDN services will not work.

Carol Fisher

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Your EOFY comprehensive guide to effective TELCO BILL management

Cost of living Pressures are consistent for all businesses in our current economic situation.   How can we be more efficient in managing Telco expenditure?   Is there real savings to made from checking your Telco bills regularly?   How much can we save on average? We have been able to recover $5000 to over […]

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Rental car company has an unlikely hero

Jensen IPA audited over 60 x 1800 and 1300 services.  We found a significant number of services not in use.  Probably around 50% were not being used. Of these, we found around 20% of services were actually on disconnected lines.  I.e. they were paying 1300 or 1800 service fees on dead lines!

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