Only an Independent Audit can accurately uncover what businesses are paying for their telephone and internet bills.

Our 33 years of experience shows that most businesses are overpaying their telecom provider. Our audits have found that many businesses overpay monthly as the details do not match contract rates.

Let us keep track of your phone and data expenses. We offer an initial free consultation to understand whether your business is overpaying for these services.

At Jensen IPA,
we want you to understand what you’re paying for in your business telecommunications charges.

We provide an independent bills management software to audit data and phone business expense management. It is all very simple.
Let us show you how our system can save your business thousands over the year. Book a FREE call consultation.

Watch a quick video for more information about how Jensen IPA will help audit, analyze, and reduce your company's phone and data expenses.


Telstra T Analyst™ Management

The Telstra billing tool (Telstra T Analyst™) provides business account customers with insight into their usage and billing data. The software requires ongoing management, so it's important to keep an eye on the analytics regularly in order to make sure everything is accurate as a small discrepancy can cost thousands for the business over the years.

Telecom Expense Management

Over 90% of companies overpay their telcon expenses. We help business lower those monthly costs with our auditing services. We know how the telecom business billing system works and how it can navigate the most difficult issues. Our aim is to help businesses understand their Telstra and other providers of phone and internet bills.

Telecom Complain Management

We have a dispute and complain management system that has resulted in thousands of dollars in cost savings on past and present bills and expenses. Our process reduces your stress in dealing with the telco provider. We use a comprehensive audit approach which enables us to find solutions and opportunities for cost savings.

Telstra Bills Enquiries

Jensen IPA has 33 years experience in complex Telstra billing and charges. Our aim is helping businesses understand their billing statements from Telstra and other internet and phone providers. We provide you with a timely response and answers to your complex billing issues disputes and concerns.

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