Reclaiming Telecom Expenses Overcharge by Telecom providers.

Telstra is one of the leading communication providers in Australia. Yet many of their  business clients don’t understand their Telstra bills and charges. Telstra has created a complex billing system which may cause a headache for businesses to navigate.

What is the most effective way to understand extra costs and services charged? Let Jensen IPA work with you to unravel the mystery  and possibly save you thousands in annual costs.

Two Months of Billing into One

Some Telstra customers may be surprised by receiving a bill for two months or one and a half months to line up with the specified billing cycle and the date when the subscription was started. Therefore, the charged amount is higher than what most customers expect for the first month.

Being Charged for Services never applied for..

Some customers receive unusual Telstra bills in a variety of situations. Some may have a few dollars of extra charges, while some (mostly large companies) could get charged thousands for products or services that they have not applied for.

Due to the complexity of the Telstra systems, mistakes in charging can and do occur.  Sometimes discounts are missed, services not cancelled or duplicate charging may occur.

Being Overcharged for Services

It’s one thing to pay just a few dollars more but often companies can be overcharged thousands in annual fees and charges.  Do you know know how to find these possible overcharges?  Complicated billing leads to issues. Don’t get angry or frustrated in dealing with these issues.  Call on a professional with years of experience to assist you.

Noticing Small but repeated charges

Some customers have been charged small amounts for products and services that they may not be using.We recently found a company paying for a redundant product of just $6 a month.  However they had over 120 lines charged for this service that was not necessary. Our audited saved them over $800 per month or $9600 annually.

Although $6 may be inconsequential to some, the overall cost of having these extra charges stay on your bills unaddressed can lead to paying a large amount of money over time. This is especially true for larger companies.

How do we save you money on Telstra Accounts?

Jensen IPA helps identify these problems on your bills. But we don’t just stop there. We figure out the problem and help you find solutions so that your future bills will be as accurate as possible. We are simply a call away at 0409 481 508.