Independent Audit Of Telecom Expenses & Telecom Bill Management Services for Businesses across Australia.

We offer a complete independent audit on telecommunication expenses bills including voice, data e mobile services for businesses across Australia. From our head office on the Gold Coast, we can handle any task that comes up from managing the charges from your provider on your business phone and data accounts. Run an accurate monthly audit and check accuracy on each account is the most effective way to avoid incorrect billing.


Telstra T Analyst™ Management

The Telstra billing tool ( Telstra T Analyst™) provides business account customers with insight into their usage and billing data. With the tool, users can view all of their bills in order to better monitor their internet and phone expenses and run reports.

Once it is set up properly, the tool requires ongoing management and will need to be monitored regularly to ensure accuracy.

We know any unallocated services can cause your reports and information to be inaccurate. This may affect your accounting and reporting systems.

With most large businesses, voice and data services are constantly changing. Monitoring the service orders periodically is important to ensure these changes are reflected timely in the bills. The billing software telstra t-analyst is an important part of your reporting, accounting and management systems to ensure order accuracy.

Part of the monthly reports in Telstra t-analysis are reports on ad hoc charges, credits, adjustments and Service and equipment.

So how can we at Jensen IPA help you?

With over 30 year in the industry, our team are t-analyst specialists. We can help you navigate the complexities of the software to ensure you get the most out of the reports and information available.

We can assist you with our Billing Management Program to provide you ongoing maintenance to ensure your monthly bills and reports accurately reflect the correct telco expenditure for your business.

Our team is trained and experienced to support your business. We can provide you with confidence to support your goals and ensure your telco expenditure is accurately reflected and understood going forward.

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Telecom Complain Management

How a low-cost audit on your corporate business expenses for Data and Landline bills can save thousands for your company.

We have conducted many dispute and complaint management on telecom internet and phone business bills expenses over the last few years and have found some common issues which can cause your business to overpay on your telco bills and charges. The most commonly are:

  • Promised discounts have not always been added to accounts.
  • NBN conversions are also an issue with over payment of old and new services.
  • Delays in cancellation of old data networks services when new contracts have been signed.
  • There may be old unused services which may need to be cancelled.
  • Plus once-off fee charges which are incorrect or where the quoted price has not been billed correctly.
  • There are many other variables which may be costing you money each month.

We all know telecommunications bills are complex and difficult to interpret, particularly if you have multiple sites, accounts, services and products.

So how will the services of a bill auditing specialist help?

  • Regular audits by our skilled professionals will save you time and money.
  • No more wasting time chasing telco account managers
  • No more wasting time on chasing credits
  • No more reconciling of bills back to your contract
  • Our aim is to bring clarity and integrity to your telecommunications expenditure, without changing your provider or signing new contracts.

Our team of highly skilled auditors at Jensen IPA will identify the problems and provide solutions, including appropriate documentation. We use a comprehensive audit approach which enables us to find opportunities for cost saving on past, present and future expenditure.

Services include: conducting a complete audit of all bills and charges for the last 12 months. Issuing a comprehensive report on issues found and recommendations on claiming back possible credits due.

We can support you in raising data and phone bills disputes with your carrier to get the maximum possible refund due.

We also offer monthly reports, reviews and analysis on business telecommunication expenditure that saves time and takes the stress out of your business budgets.

Why not book a free consultation with us today? We can help your business save thousands every year by ensuring your telecom bills represent the true costs associated with your phone or internet usage.


Telstra Bills Enquiries

Understanding your Telstra internet data and phone bills.

Jensen IPA has 33 years experience in complex Telstra billing and charges. We know how the telecom business billing system works and how it can navigate the most difficult issues. Our aim is helping businesses understand their billing statements from Telstra and other internet and phone providers.

We understand how frustrating it can be to get timely answers from your account manager or the call centres. We provide you with a timely response and answers to your complex billing issues disputes and concerns. Our team is ready to help you when you work with us.

We have found three main concerns with customers in understanding and comprehending their Telstra bills and charges.

  1. You are not aware of what's being billed.
  2. You are not being billed what you thought, and unsure on the accuracy of charges.
  3. You find it difficult to know how to dispute the charges you don’t understand.

We've seen over 99% of companies paying too much each month.From just a few thousand dollars up to hundreds of thousands ! We can help your business lower those monthly costs with our services so you will be able to keep some better cash flowing into it.

It's not always easy to understand what it is that you are paying for on your monthly account. We can help you understand your telecom bills. Jensen IPA has been assisting businesses in understanding their bills and expenses for over 30 years and have seen many of these companies paying too much each month.

Do Telecom Providers Overcharge?

The short answer is yes, they may, but often you don’t know about these charges. Over the years we found out that most Telco Bills have a "hidden" charges on them such as:

  • Access or connection Fees
  • Incorrect Service Charges
  • Additional ad hoc charges

Regular reviews and maintenance on your telco bill can help you reduce costs significantly each month and going forward.

Do you know how to find these hidden fees and charges?

What can Jensen IPA do to help your business?

We know how Telco Billing systems work. (specifically Telstra business bills). We will help you reconcile and identify discrepancies on your monthly bills.

We are also dedicated to assisting you in disputing and recovering any errors we find in our audit. This may result in significant savings on your past bills and charges.

Our audits also identify possible savings due to technology upgrades – i.e. NBN and ISDN Conversion. This may result in significantly lowering your bills in the future.

Our billing team are dedicated specialists in Telstra T-analyst and can help you navigate the complexities of this software to get the maximum possible value each month from this tool.

We also offer a monthly management program that includes new reports and software that will ensure your monthly bills are as accurate as possible. Giving you confidence going forward.

Telecom belling reviews are a must have for every business owner. Before you sign up a contract with any service providers please, ask us to provide you an independent audit on your current telecom bills.

Give us a free call to discuss how we can help your business. Telstra Billing auditing reviews.


Telecom Expense Management

Regular management and reviewing of telecom costs or expenses it's a great way to improve business cost control and improve its profitability.

However, we recognise that Telecom phone and internet providers have made the billing process complex and difficult to follow. They have a range of complex systems and processes, in which errors are bound to happen.

Our Business Management Audit Service is designed to help you to identify opportunities to find errors that can bring you immediate and past cost savings on your telecom expenses across the following areas:

  • Products and services delivered but not billed as quoted
  • Contract Discounts that were not implemented
  • d-hoc charges that you were unaware of
  • Services or products that should have been cancelled but still appear in your bill each month.

What our over 33 years of experience has shown?

Failing to identify these problems may lead to hundreds or thousands of dollars of extra expenses, especially for large corporate accounts. This can also cause frustration and time-wasting as you try to identify the root cause of any possible overcharging.

Let us take away your pain and frustration. Our Business Management Audit program is designed to provide you with clarity around your monthly telco expenditure.

Our comprehensive audit process will identify possible errors and opportunities for immediate and past cost savings. You may be able to claim rebates for up to 12 months or more in some circumstances.

Our monthly management program will provide continuous support and analysis of your business phone and internet expenses charges. This program is designed to provide you with clarity and security over your future telco expenditure over the contracted period.

We can customise our BMA (Business Management Audit) program with a plan to suit your business that can save you thousands of dollars per annum.

Why not book a free consultation with us today? We can help your business save thousands every year by ensuring your telecom bills represent the true costs associated with your phone or internet usage.

What our clients say...

I can't recommend Kevin enough. A quality man with a quality service saving businesses a fortune! It's been great working with you Kevin.

Fantastic service provided by Kevin. Customer service is of the highest quality.


Frequently Asked Questions

We audit statements from as far back as 18 months. However as most contracts are for a 24 month period, you may be entailed for adjustments up to 24months back or further.

Yes, We can help our clients file claims and guide them through the entire process. As a third party, we also provide evidence for potential rebates. We do not guarantee all claims will be successful but do our best to ensure you get the best possible result for any claims made.

No, our focus is on billing relating matters for Medium to Large Business across Australia. The principles we use are the same for Residential and small business billing issues. There is a number of other service providers and businesses who are able to help residential consumers or small business customers.

Many customers have trouble interpreting and reconciling their internet and phone statements on a monthly basics from the provider. Our customers are pleasantly surprised with how we our system can assist them to save thousands in past, present and future costs.

Yes, we do. Not everyone has the time or think they need to manage their t-analyst accounts. As specialists in managing Telstra accounts through the t-analyst software, we also offer our services in managing Telstra accounts.

No, we are not. We completely independent. However we do work with Telstra dealers and other affiliated companies to assist their clients. Our primary consultant and auditor worked in Telstra for 33 years. And his 25 years of auditing and billing experience led to the birth of Jensen IPA and our services in providing simplified billing processes and audits for all our clients.