Telecom Expense Management

Regular management and reviewing of telecom costs or expenses it’s a great way to improve business cost control and improve its profitability.

However, we recognise that Telecom phone and internet providers have made the billing process complex and difficult to follow. They have a range of complex systems and processes, in which errors are bound to happen.

Our Business Management Audit Service is designed to help you to identify opportunities to find errors that can bring you immediate and past cost savings on your telecom expenses across the following areas:

  • Products and services delivered but not billed as quoted
  • Contract Discounts that were not implemented
  • d-hoc charges that you were unaware of
  • Services or products that should have been cancelled but still appear in your bill each month.

What our over 33 years of experience has shown?

Failing to identify these problems may lead to hundreds or thousands of dollars of extra expenses, especially for large corporate accounts. This can also cause frustration and time-wasting as you try to identify the root cause of any possible overcharging.

Let us take away your pain and frustration. Our Business Management Audit program is designed to provide you with clarity around your monthly telco expenditure.

Our comprehensive audit process will identify possible errors and opportunities for immediate and past cost savings. You may be able to claim rebates for up to 12 months or more in some circumstances.

Our monthly management program will provide continuous support and analysis of your business phone and internet expenses charges. This program is designed to provide you with clarity and security over your future telco expenditure over the contracted period.

We can customise our BMA (Business Management Audit) program with a plan to suit your business that can save you thousands of dollars per annum.

Why not book a free consultation with us today? We can help your business save thousands every year by ensuring your telecom bills represent the true costs associated with your phone or internet usage.