3 Money Smart Tricks to Help You Pay Your Bills and Duties on Time, All The Time

When it comes to paying the bills and understanding the charges on your Telecommunications bills, it can quite daunting for many companies.  However, not paying them on time will lead to penalties and even shut down of certain services in some cases. You obviously want to avoid such situations. In this article we provide you three money-smart tricks that will help you understand your bills so you be confident the charging is correct.

1. Understand your “other Charges and credits”.

It is important to know what you are paying for and be able to account for once off expenditures on your regular bills.  Checking these line items will help you be confident the charges are correct.

Where you are unsure about these charges or would like to know more then contact the Telstra Accounts team immediately via phone or email for further information.

Checking these items regularly can save you thousands over time.

2. Small things do matter

You may not be aware of all the hidden costs and charges but is often good to get a complete breakdown of billed charges so that you can see the services and products regularly charged each month.

Checking these items can result in identifying unused services, sites or products.  By regularly checking these items you pick up services or items that may need to be cancelled.  Thus, saving you possibly thousands of dollars in annual expenditure.

3. Follow up is vital

Things can and do go wrong on your regular telecommunication account.  It is important to take time to follow up on orders issued, especially cancellation of services. Check the date the service is cancelled matches your original request.  In some cases, cancellation orders may take months to be processed and appear on your bills. This delay may cause you to miss out on months of rental rebates, to which you may be entitled.

These are the tricks to keep up to date with services and ensure you only pay for what is correct.

Where you require further assistance on any of these issues, we always willing and available to help you.