Peers and Customers nominate Jensen IPA for EXCELLENCE IN BUSINESS SERVICES

Returning millions of dollars to their rightful owners

When your BUSINESS PEERS AND CUSTOMERS NOMINATE YOU FOR EXCELLENCE IN BUSINESS SERVICES in the 2023 Business Xcellence Awards you know you are getting something right!

The official awards night is on Monday, October 23rd on the Gold Coast. We are encouraged by these positive words; Denise Maloney – “Congratulations Kevin you are making a huge difference for your clients …well done 👏👏👏 “and Nik Cree, “Congratulations 🎉 Kevin. The million-dollar money saver.”

It’s true, our Telstra business account audits are returning millions of dollars to their rightful owners – YOU!, the business owner. Save on costs of telecommunication services. Book a FREE NO-OBLIGATION CHAT today! | Call 0409481508 | See or e: [email protected] #billbuster #telcos #savecost #Data #speaksTelstra #forensicaccounts