COVID-19 assistance with Telstra Business account reconciliation

COVID-19 assistance with Telstra Business account reconciliation

As businesses move to work from home, close branches and reduced staff situations, it will be difficult to keep track of changed and reduced telecommunication accounts.

Cancellations may be a low priority now, especially with complex data services. For you to track credits for 3 or 6 months of reduced services, it will be even more frustrating than usual.

You can save money – and save time – by tracking your credits and changes. Please allow JENSEN IPA to help with their expertise and knowledge of channels, jargon and processes.

With the current COVID19 environment, with some off-shore call centres impacted, you may experience more than your usual level of frustration with checking business services and accounts.

JENSEN IPA has the ability to check and audit your Telstra accounts. You could sit in a 2-hour phone queue – OR you could call JENSEN IPA, on the Gold Coast, with 33 years’ experience in Telstra billing for large companies and corporations.

We have saved our clients on average $30,000 through our audit process.

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