Errors are common with Telstra and others internet and phone providers. How does it affect your business costs?

Telstra mistakes seem to be increasingly common on bills in 2019. This relates to the complexity of their systems and processes. With such a large company the individual orders and requests can get lost,  and not always accurately reflected when the billing is issued. Knowing why, where and how these errors occur is vital to providing an accurate bill that reflects your services. Our company provide years of experience in understanding Telstra billing.  We are dedicated to helping you get the best possible outcome when reviewing your service and charges. .

Why Are Telstra mistakes common?

Telstra is the largest telecommunications provider in Australia, and with that, managing the entire country’s needs also result in a large complex business with multiple computer systems.  Unfortunately the complex number of systems, products  and processes has resulted in a huge number of opportunities where errors may occur.

For business users, the billing can be a nightmare to unravel and decipher.  The product names, charges and discounts offered are hard to understand.  However the good thing is there is help available.

How do mistakes affect your bill?

Although Telstra is aware that mistakes do occur, it is up to you as the owner or worker in the business to find those errors and advise them.  This can be extremely difficult when you don’t know where to begin.

If you think about it, a charging mistake for a few hundred dollars on just one item,   could be costing you thousands annually. Then, if there are two or more errors on your bill, it may be costing you thousands needlessly.

You also need time to lodge the dispute via phone or email and be precise and clear on what product and service is disputed and why you think there is an error.  You don’t always get a lot of help to work this out. This is why you need a dedicated specialist to interpret the bills, find possible errors and assist in reclaiming the thousands that you may be owed.  We assist you to file a dispute or complaint and then work with Telstra to recover the thousands you may be owed. .

Telstra Charging: What to make of It?

Since bills are automated using complex processes and systems, charging inaccuracies can and do occur. The challenge is knowing where to find these anomalies and how to how to then claim these back.

Due to the sheer number of services and products on a Telstra bill, it can  be really hard to keep track of potential errors or mistakes as they occur.  .

Therefore, it is important to submit claims every time you notice something is wrong with Telstra charging and billing. Always seek to request a reimbursement if you feel you have been overcharged. .

How can Jensen IPA help you?

Jensen IPA provides expert consultation to review the services and costs that you are paying Telstra. We then provide a complete bills audit dating as far back as 24 months to find issues on your bills. Plus, we help configure your bills for future payments to assist the business stay on track and on budget. Using the Telstra (t-analyst) software, we produce reports and information for the business to make sure that future bills will match your or your company’s actual usage.

Credits are usually considerable, although it may take time to file and receive claims. We follow up on Credits on your behalf. On top of that, we typically obtain a significant credit on unused or overcharged services and then continue to monitor monthly for best results, helping you save hundreds if not thousands on future invoices.

Contact us to discuss possible Telstra claims for your business.