Telecom Complain Management

How a low-cost audit on your corporate business expenses for Data and Landline bills can save thousands for your company.

We have conducted many dispute and complaint management on telecom internet and phone business bills expenses over the last few years and have found some common issues which can cause your business to overpay on your telco bills and charges. The most commonly are:

  • Promised discounts have not always been added to accounts.
  • NBN conversions are also an issue with over payment of old and new services.
  • Delays in cancellation of old data networks services when new contracts have been signed.
  • There may be old unused services which may need to be cancelled.
  • Plus once-off fee charges which are incorrect or where the quoted price has not been billed correctly.
  • There are many other variables which may be costing you money each month.

We all know telecommunications bills are complex and difficult to interpret, particularly if you have multiple sites, accounts, services and products.

So how will the services of a bill auditing specialist help?

  • Regular audits by our skilled professionals will save you time and money.
  • No more wasting time chasing telco account managers
  • No more wasting time on chasing credits
  • No more reconciling of bills back to your contract
  • Our aim is to bring clarity and integrity to your telecommunications expenditure, without changing your provider or signing new contracts.

Our team of highly skilled auditors at Jensen IPA will identify the problems and provide solutions, including appropriate documentation. We use a comprehensive audit approach which enables us to find opportunities for cost saving on past, present and future expenditure.

Services include: conducting a complete audit of all bills and charges for the last 12 months. Issuing a comprehensive report on issues found and recommendations on claiming back possible credits due.

We can support you in raising data and phone bills disputes with your carrier to get the maximum possible refund due.

We also offer monthly reports, reviews and analysis on business telecommunication expenditure that saves time and takes the stress out of your business budgets.

Why not book a free consultation with us today? We can help your business save thousands every year by ensuring your telecom bills represent the true costs associated with your phone or internet usage.