Navigating LARGE TELCO Bills? Frustrating !

Navigating a LARGE TELCO BILL to identify your monthly charges, is often frustrating and difficult. What are you getting charged for each month? TELSTRA accounts? …Possibly the most difficult document ever devised! Call JENSEN IPA 0409481508 NOW to interpret and find thousands in savings. | e: [email protected] #TELCO #telstra #Tanalysis #telstratanalysis #telstra #TConnect #costreduction

Spend more than 3K pm on Telco? Know what you’re paying for ?

As a BUSINESS do you SPEND MORE THAN $3000 PER MONTH on telecommunication? DO YOU KNOW how much you pay each month? – Jensen IPA, we are your TELECOMMUNICATION EXPENSE MANAGEMENT SPECIALISTS.

Checking your bills each month is essential; BUT DO YOU you have the skills, tools and experience to understand this confusing document. Jensen IP Analysts is a telecommunication company that understand expense management.

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Telstra T-Connect changes in 2022 promise nothing

“The best indicator of future behaviour is past behaviour”

This now-famous quote has been attributed to psychologists, such as Albert Ellis, Walter Michel, and B.F. Skinner, to writers such as Mark Twain. So, our belief is that if a large Telco hasn’t given much help in the past with interpreting their billing data, our confidence is not high that future access or understanding will be any easier!

Telstra has recently advised the software platform T-analysis, with all the past billing tools and reports is being moved to a new platform called Telstra T-connect early in 2022. And whilst they have won a shiny new award for the change , it appears no one has thought to make the billing and charges any simpler to decipher.

What does this mean? We know this will affect existing users. We are hopeful, Telstra won’t change anything when they move things across. But, as you know, when large scale changes are made, things will fall through the cracks.

All Telstra T-analyst customers – We want you to have the heads up on this change. Do you use the existing reports and information to your advantage? We believe this is rare, or you would be able to discover the errors we constantly see with each new customer.

Ask Jensen IP Analysis to review your old data urgently, get the credits you deserve, and prepare you for the new platform. A great time to reset things and get your telco accounts into order, and save. We save Telstra clients on average of $49,903 per customer in Credits per Audit. Then, in addition, there are ongoing savings.

NBN and Telstra accounts may well be the most complex billing systems devised… Jensen IPA can make sense of it. Don’t wait though. Call 0409 481 508 NOW | [email protected] | #TELCO #telstra #costreduction

Jensen helps Scissorlift Co find $7000 Credits in ISDN issue

The challenge

A small company was finding the phone bill hard to work out and were sure they were being overcharged for some old services. While investigating, they realised they needed help arranging their services, cancelling old products and services, and ensuring the bills were accurate according to their needs.

Jensen IPA was brought in to check their accounts and aid them. Jensen IPA was able to quickly size up the problems and issues. It appears that there were 4 old ISDN services charged since 2019 that were never cancelled when they moved premises. 


Jensen IPA was able to gather the evidence and details needed to mount a claim for cancellations and backdated rental credits.  A claim was lodged by Jensen IPA through Telstra, resulting in the immediate cancellation of the disputed services. In addition, a credit was applied for charges billed from 2019. A total credit for over $7000 was applied to the customer account.

The professional services supplied by Jensen IPA aided this company to ensure their telecommunications bills and charges are accurate and reflect only active services that they use.

Our skills aid companies to navigate the complexities of telecommunications billing, and claw back any credits they may be entitled to. 

How can we help your company to save money and ensure you are being charged accurately by your telecommunications provider. JENSEN IPA is ready to help you now. Call for a no-charge, obligation-free chat, or see

CALL 1300 058 887 FREE Consultation – JENSEN IP ANALYSIS will interpret & track data and phone expenses. Mon – Fri 9am to 5pm

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$453,000 *this financial year recovered in Telecom Credits

Credits Received = $453,000

The Challenge – A significant reduction in telecommunication costs.

The customer (a large interstate car dealership) signed a telecom service provider contract through a local Telstra dealer for all their network services back in April 2020. However, the discounts promised were not appearing on the bills. In fact, several new connection fee charges for $24,000 began to appear on bills months after the contract was signed.

This was when they knew something was massively wrong. They decided to contact their Telstra dealer to make some inquiries about these issues. The Telstra Dealer soon realised the billing issues were quite complex and beyond their control. They did not have the skills or time to deal with these issues.
In order, to provide a better quality of service to their client, they sought out some professional help to understand and solve the customer issues.

The results

Jensen IP Analysis were contacted to provide some information and assistance to the Telstra Dealer for their customer issues. As a telecommunication billing audit, Jensen IP Analysis was able to quickly identify the root cause of the issues. The contract promised had not been delivered as expected on the bills from April 2020 until July 2021. Jensen IP Analysis immediately sought out all relevant documents, lodged a dispute with Telstra and organised for contract discounts to be applied and backdated to April 2020.

This resulted in discounts being applied, immediately so that future bills were correct as well as a substantial credit of over $195,000 for past billing errors and mistakes. All of this took only a couple of months to complete and correct.

This made life so much easier for the Telstra dealer. It improved the relationship with the Car dealership and restored confidence in the Telstra Dealers’ systems and processes.

The review of services and bills not only picked up missing contact discounts we also found several old ADSL ( Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line ) services that were required to be cancelled and backdated as well as duplicated charges for router products. All of which will be, removed from future bills with further credits applied and backdated.

We are currently recovering further charges on behalf of the customer. Is this common? Absolutely! At least 90% of our customers have this experience. Does this sound familiar? Then contact Jensen IPA.
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*year ending 30 June 2022

Telco complaints hit 3-year high!

James Mitchell
22 September 2021

Small business complaints about phone internet services had increased by 6.6% in the last financial year ending 30 June 2021. The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman published its Annual Report 2020–21 this week, which shows that complaints from small businesses reached a three-year high and financial loss continued to be a problem for small businesses.

Contact JENSEN IP ANALYSIS to discuss how we can help your business to keep tracking data and phone expenses. Mon – Fri 9am to 5pm

Telcos being uncontactable remained a problem, particularly for small businesses. While this was primarily driven by COVID-19 impacts, consumers also complained about their struggle to navigate new or changed ways of contacting their telco.

Complaints from small businesses increased by 6.6% to 19,689 — the highest number of complaints from small businesses in the last three years. Complaints about financial loss resulting from phone and internet problems grew by 13.3%. Other increases were seen in complaints about failure to cancel a service and telcos being uncontactable.

Complaints about a small business not having a working phone or internet service increased by 6.5%. However, in a positive development for small businesses, fewer complaints were made about problems with phone number loss, intermittent service, and telcos not delivering on agreements.
Internet continued to be the most complained about service type, accounting for 33.4% of complaints from residential consumers and small businesses.

Notable challenges faced by consumers during this period included problems contacting telcos and telcos’ failure to cancel a service. There were fewer complaints about telcos not agreeing to and following through with resolutions and slow data speed.

Mobile phone services were the next most complained about service type at almost 33% of complaints. Mobile complaints declined by 1.5% against the previous financial year. Complaints increased about problems contacting telcos, variations to contracts or plans, and failure to cancel a service. Complaints declined about misleading conduct when making a contract and delays establishing a service.

Fault and connection problems continue to make up a significant proportion of complaints, at 47.1%. Fault and connection complaints declined for internet and landline services; however, problems for mobile services increased by 8%. The main driver of this increase was complaints about poor mobile coverage.
Complaints about Telstra increased by 11.3%, accounting for 62.1% of all complaints. Telstra recorded increases in complaints about internet, mobile and multiple phone services. Complaints also increased for Southern Phone Company, Aussie Broadband, Boost Tel and Foxtel. Significant declines were recorded for iiNet, TPG, Dodo and Optus.

“The complaints picture for this year is mixed,” Ombudsman Judi Jones said. “Overall complaint volumes are down by 6% on last year and we have seen significant reductions in some of the problems faced by consumers. It’s been a challenging year for telcos and consumers, and we acknowledge industry efforts to reduce complaints.

“However, we saw an increase in the proportion of complaints returning to us as unresolved, which challenged our response times. This resulted in frustration for consumers wanting to have their phone or internet problems addressed quickly.”

Ms Jones described the trend in small business complaints as “concerning”.
“Small businesses need reliable phone and internet services, and useful support when those services aren’t working as they should,” she said. “Telcos need to continue focusing on giving great customer service. This includes making it easy for customers to complain when there’s a problem and providing an effective complaints process to fix that problem.

“We will continue reporting on these complaint trends and working with the telcos to reduce these complaints and improve practices.”

Complaints about multiple services accounted for 34.1% of complaints, an increase from 30.6% last year, with multiple services remaining the dominant service type for small business complaints.
Small businesses made 3,946 complaints about internet services, which made up 20% of small business complaints, the highest proportion and volume of internet complaints for small business in the last three years.

Volvo Group Case Study -“We found huge savings”. Credits Received = $120,000

“Basically we have had issues with our Telstra billing. It was never in a format we needed as it did not reflect call centre information or use our common references. We had an initial discussion with Kevin, and he came back with exactly what we needed. He returned with a convenient report, which saved a lot of my time. Typically I used to spend a couple of hours analysing and converting it to a cost structure format we could use, so this made my job a lot easier. “

“Next, we had Kevin audit our monthly charged services. He said that given the authority, he could go through the reports and help us Within a couple of days, he came back with suggestions of possible errors that he had identified already backdated a few years. This was really a good finding, so we started working with the IT teams to get approvals for credits.

We started working together. Some of our findings were not what we expected. We found huge savings – $120,000, and I put this as a project for my IT department. Kevin Jensen really knows the Telstra system and knows what he is doing.

“Jensen IPA’s in-depth knowledge of Telstra billing and ability to analyse data resulted in not only some savings for us but a transfer of skill to me “

Hineesh Kg – Network Engineer – Volvo Group

Small things DO matter – Education Provider on the Gold Coast saves over $9,000 pa

A National Education Provider on the Gold Coast saves over $9,000 pa on multiple little charges.

Sometimes telecommunication bills are so large and complex, you just don’t know where to start. Recently, Jensen IPA received a
call to assist the IT manager of a large childcare provider with over 500 sites. They had previously engaged their provider (Telstra)
with several disputes. These had taken several months to work through and finalise. They did receive a substantial credit. However,
they were still unsure that everything was fine.

The Challenge

The Education Provider required assistance to navigate through some changes they were making to their telecommunications
services and network. As we sorted out current and past issues, we noticed some small fee charges applied on some services for an
old product no longer necessary. Although this was only a $6 monthly fee, we found there were over 130 services that had this
charge. That equates to over $780 per month in unnecessary fee charges.


We immediately cancelled  product charges saving the company $9360 in annual expenditure. It really does count to check
the details, with professional help.

“If you need help with your Telstra bill, or even if you think you don’t, Kevin is the one to speak to.”

“We recently had Kevin ( Jensen IPA) review over 6 months worth of Telstra bills. We are an ASX 200 company and our bills are
huge, over 1000 lines of data. His in-depth knowledge of Telstra billing and ability to analyse data resulted in not only some savings
for us, but a transfer of skill to me. Kevin is highly approachable, and customer-focused. If you need help with your Telstra bill, or
even if you think you don’t, Kevin is the one to speak to.

Adam Lorde , Network Manager, G8 Education 


Reducing Costs by Reviewing Your Business Internet And Phone Expenses.

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Are you confident in paying these each month? Is there a way to navigate through these regular expenses to save money? How do you unravel the complexity?

Jensen IPA has 33 years’ experience in Telstra billing for large companies and corporations. We know how to find thousands in annual savings by completing a comprehensive audit.

We have saved our clients on average $30,000 through our audit process.
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